I am a front- and back-end web developer who loves to understand how an application works. I'm at home in a browser debugger, and nothing excites me more than solving a pesky bug. I also dabble in Arduino microcontrollers, Ruby, and a little of everything in between. I'm currently a developer at EffectiveUI in Rochester, NY, where I've lived for 5 years.

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Multiplayer Cribbage
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My capstone project for RIT's Web Development minor

The assignment was to create a multiplayer, turn-based game using SVG to display the game and AJAX to coordinate gameplay between two players in separate browsers. I chose to build Cribbage, which is a 2-person card game where the goal is to be the first to reach 121 points. The game (and chat) uses AJAX polling to get updates from the server.
jQuery, Bootstrap

Facial Recognition Access Control

Computer Engineering Senior Design Project

Sr design project
jQuery, Bootstrap

Glowing Cranes

Arduino-powered glowing paper crane mobile


Vending Machine

Class Project, Software Engineering 1

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